Sunday, 15 March 2015

Active Listening and Haiku Deck in Year 4

In Year 4 we have been discussing, learning and modelling active listening. We created a Haiku Deck together to show what active listening looks like, sounds like and feels like in our classroom. Here is a link to our Haiku Deck:

We worked further on what active listening means when we are working in partners. We make sure we are looking at our partner, knee to knee, using manners and taking it in turns to talk. By doing this we are showing respect to our partner and ensuring we are listening. 

To help us with our self-control and practising the ability to actively listen, we completed a bubble challenge. This was a big test! Miss Allen blew bubbles all around us and challenged us to stay completely still as they moved around us. We had them pop on our nose, head and right in front of us and we didn't flinch, not even a tiny bit. Miss Allen was so impressed and now every time she says the word 'bubbles', instantly we are actively listening. We are Superstar Listeners!

Come and find us and ask us about Active Listening we would be very happy to model to you how it is done.

Miss Charlotte Allen and the Year Fours

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