Saturday, 6 June 2015

'Recipes for Respect' in Year 4 at Sacred Heart

Our newest Sacred Heart social skill focus is 'showing respect'. We thought long and hard as a class to come up with what we thought respect looked like, sounded like and felt like. It was a tricky skill to pinpoint as we decided it reached across all areas of life.

Here are the areas we believed respect was needed in:
- showing respect to others
- showing respect to ourselves
- showing respect to our environment
- showing respect to property

We delved in to the emotions we felt when we felt respected and how it linked to other skills such as manners and self control. To illustrate our understanding we each created a ' Sacred Heart Recipe for Respect'. We included beautiful ingredients like love, compassion, patience, kindness, self control and understanding. Each recipe was unique and meaningful.

We are now focusing on transferring our skill to outside the classroom and using it to problem solve in situations. For example when we are having a disagreement with friends we want to consider if we are being respectful. Are we showing the ingredients of compassion and understanding?

Want to know the quantities you need of the ingredients in our recipes? Come find us and ask! We are more than happy to share our recipes for RESPECT!

Year Fours and Miss Allen

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