Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Being Organised in Year 2

The Year Two class have been busy learning the new whole-school social skill – Being Organised. We have ensured that we have our equipment ready at the beginning of each day and for each lesson and have been responsible for keeping our learning space free of clutter and very tidy. We are getting much better at keeping our lockers tidy and mess free as well.

We discussed what Being Organised looks like, sounds like and feels like and created a Y Chart together.


“It means to keep things tidy so that places stay safe for people” – Anthony
“It means everything is tidy and you know where everything is” – Sophia
“Putting my clothes on my bed to get ready for school quickly” – Denzel
“You can be proud of yourself when you are organised, being ready before an event” – Faith
“It’s easy to find things if you are organised and it looks neat” – Chiara

Mrs Laura Taylor  (Year 2 Teacher)

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