Friday, 17 March 2017

Moving around the school quietly

Over the last three weeks, our school social skill was ‘Moving around our school quietly.’ Sometimes, problems occur when students line up to leave the classroom to move to other areas of the school. In their eagerness to be first in line or to get to the next activity, they might run to the door, push their way to the front, or cut in line, often knocking into other students in the process. They might argue over who is the line leader, who stands next to whom, and who gets to hold the door. Problems can continue as they are walking around school, and at times, student’s incessant chatter might disrupt nearby classes.

The Year Five students have created a social story and produced it into a book for each class to keep in their classroom and read, to remind them of the way we should be moving around our school.

Why social stories? Social stories provide students with an easy to understand instruction on positive, appropriate social skills and behaviours in a fun and creative way. We also traced around our hands and created little posters to display around our school, to remind us about this social skill.

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