Monday, 5 August 2013

Formulating Our School Vision: Our Journey Begins

Our journey began by participating in the RAP (ResponseAbility Pathways) program with Dr Tim McDonald from Edith Cowan University (now the Director of Catholic Education in Western Australia). Participation in this program led our staff to consider approaches to managing student behaviour and engagement. The RAP program enabled us to understand the way in which we connect with students, clarify reasons for behaviour and restore responsibility and respect.

Through the RAP program we were introduced to the Circle of Courage philosophy, which outlines the four essential elements every student needs to flourish. This philosophy is also aligned with the research by Professor Fiona Stanley in Chapter 2 of her book Children of the Lucky Country?, which explores the factors that contribute to positive development of children and the importance of meeting the 4 universal needs to enable children to flourish. The Circle of Courage is now embedded into our school vision, as seen below.

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